Nano 360 2.5" - Frame  (Pre-Order) Shipping starts Jan. 11th

Nano 360 2.5" - Frame (Pre-Order) Shipping starts Jan. 11th

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The Nano 360 is a 2.5-inch invisible drone made for tight spaces and has prop protectors to fly around expensive items or soft targets.  This frame fits the One -r without battery and you have to power it via usb-c. 

Nano 360 frame kit comes with:

  • 2mm top plate
  • 2.5mm uni body bottom plate
  • One R tpu holder
  • 4 tpu rings for prop protection
  • All the hardware you need to build the frame.

FEATURE List carried over from original design

  • Be invisible
  • Stay invisible with Insta360 One R 
  • DJI/Caddx Vista and Nebula capable.
  • Use any thin lipos 20mm or shorter
  • Must use AIO and stack vtx on top. 
  • Fits up to 2.5" props
  • 12x12 motor mount pattern

Recommended parts list

  • Flight controller Aio whoop board
  • t-mount hq 2.5x2,5x3
  • t-mount 1204 -1404 motors 
  • Insta 360 one-r camera
  • The battery must be 20mm or shorter

FPV System

  • Digital HD: DJI Caddx Vista
  • Analog: Too many possible combinations to mention

A bit of information about pusher or tractor build style. 

The load cell test stand and data were collected in the University of Michigan’s 5 × 7 ft wind tunnel over different freestream flow speeds, motor thrust percentages, and copter angles of attack. To validate wind-tunnel performance findings, outdoor autonomous flight tests were conducted. Results show the pusher configuration generates approximately 15% more thrust (lift) than do tractor propellers; however, they exhibit a relatively poor lift-to-drag ratio. These results suggest that a pusher configuration copter will have higher efficiency for local-area surveillance applications requiring hover and slow flight, whereas a tractor configuration is more efficient for payload transport applications that require forward flight at appreciable velocities. At the end of the day, it depends on what you need your invisible drone for.